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Offsite Backups


Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery with Vembu StoreGrid

StoreGrid offers enterprise-grade backup and disaster recovery solution ideal to protect both physical and virtual environments. StoreGrid robust multi-tenant architecture combined with the flexibility of hybrid deployment options makes it a comprehensive cloud backup solution for SMBs. StoreGrid is an end-to-end cloud backup and disaster recovery platform designed for the MSP and VARs, available as On-premise Software or SaaS or as a virtual appliance supporting major cloud platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Nirvanix, OpenStack, Atmos among others.

  • Online backups
  • Secure your data
  • Easy to use!

Managed Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam


Security is a must and at Computer Doctor we provide our customers with the easiest, quickest and most cost effective method to managing their security. We sell security products that are managed under one roof, thus allowing our team to provide new sign ups quickly and manage renewals with ease. As well as security software, we provide gateway level inbound and outbound security services that scans and removes any malicious content, providing you with an even greater security mesh around your business.

What are the advantages of managed anti-virus and Anti-spam?

  • Setup, installation and testing done remotely
  • Renewals are easy and managed by Computer Doctor
  • External spam and virus filtering, protecting you outside of your network
  • Reliable security platform
  • Cost effective



We offer cost effective, quality upgrades for your ageing PC. Catering for any budget or performance requirement, Computer Doctor can design and upgrade your PC at a competitive price. Contact our team of experts today for the right advice!


High Performance Gaming PC's


At Computer Doctor we understand gamers, because we are gamers ourselves. If you want the right advice, the right brands and the best rig possible, then call one of our solutions experts today!


Why buy your next Gaming PC from Computer Doctor?

  • We use only the best brands in our builds: Gigabyte, Intel, ASUS, Kingston, G-Skill, Thermaltake, Coolermaster, Western Digital and Seagate.
  • We build our systems using A-Class techniques of cable management, ESD protection and proper handling of components
  • Warranty coverage is a total 3 years on all parts including labour.
  • Warranty service guaranteed
  • Remote support for warranty related issues
  • Phone support for warranty related issues
  • Built locally and supporting local jobs!

Wireless Networks - Including long distance Microwave links


Computer Doctor Wireless offer unmatched simplicity, ridiculous reliability, and killer coverage at a fraction of the cost of alternatives. Industrial-strength Smart Wireless LAN products for enterprise systems eliminate cost and complexity, while delivering unprecedented performance and reliability.

  • Over 3X increase in performance and range
  • 8X expanded coverage
  • Stabilised wireless network performance, for picture-perfect video streaming and crystal-clear voice communications
  • Maximised power efficiency
  • Interference mitigation
  • Consistent, reliable connectivity no other Wi-Fi system can touch
  • Two to four times the coverage using fewer APs
  • Low packet loss and high performance
  • A safer environment with less interference, through "eco-friendly" adaptive signal technology System self-healing capabilities
  • Support for standard 802.1x, WPA (PSK) and WPA-2 (AES) security, plus automatic wireless setting and encryption key security