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Apple Macbook Pro, iMac & iPhone Repairs


Our technicians are here to assist you with your Apple hardware or software related enquiries. Our expertise covers all OSX versions, software diagnostics, software installations and troubleshooting. We also offer out of warranty and accidental damage service for your Apple devices, providing competitive rates and high quality service for whatever you need:

  • Macbook Pro Repairs & Upgrades
  • iMac Repairs & Upgrades
  • Fix Broken iPhone & iPod Screens
  • Software Troubleshooting
  • Data recovery
  • Format and reinstall

PC Laptop, Desktop, All-In-One & Tablet Repairs


Computer Doctor has fully qualified technicians with over 60 years combined experience working with PC's, we provide the highest quality service, the best possible prices and we support all Windows versions.

  • Full backup, format and reinstallation
  • Virus removal & operating system repair
  • Security audit
  • Software troubleshooting
  • Tuneup / Optimisation services
  • Data recovery

Virus/Malware/Spyware/Trojan - Removal, Prevention & Security Audits


Has your computer started lock up, crash or is now running slow? If so you may have a virus, trojan, malware, spyware or other form of infection on your PC. It is essential when these tell-tale signs begin to contact us as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your PC. Our highly experienced technicians have years of experience in removing viruses from PC's and can assist with both backing up your essential data, removing the virus, performing a full security audit and clean and if required fully reinstalling your system and restoring it back to a health state. Contact us today for 10 minutes of free phon support to assist in identifying whether your PC is infected.

  • Cleaning viruses, trojans & rootkits - Very Difficult
  • Cleaning malware, spyware and fakeware
  • Securing your system & performing a full security audit
  • Install new anti-virus software
  • Preventative measures to stop virus infections in the future

Internet ADSL Setup, Installation and Troubleshooting


Computer Doctor can connect your business to the latest ADSL, Cable, Fibre or Fixed Wireless connection. Providing your business with the best advice based on your network type, number of users, type of workload and uptime requirements. We provide quality advice, setup assistance, hardware, installation and support. See the advantages of provisioning your business connection through Computer Doctor!

  • Internet setup & configuration
  • ADSL hardware
  • ADSL troubleshooting
  • Phone support
  • Remote support

Professional Data Recovery Services


Computer Doctor offers workshop data recovery services, offering the ability to recovery data from completely failed Hard Drives, partial data loss scenarios and even individual accidental file deletions. We use the best Industry practice data recovery methods to retrieve your data. We make a clone copy of your drive to ensure any work carried out does not further risk data loss covering you and ensuring you get the best quality service available. Not only do we provide exceptional data recovery services but our rates are amongst the most competitive in Queensland. Contact us today for a free assessment and quote!

  • Hard drive fault identification
  • Data retrieval and re-archiving
  • Industry leading recovery methods
  • Clean room recovery services
  • Competitive rates
  • 90% success rate

Maintenance Contracts


Computer Doctor offers ICT help, business system maintenance and computer support. We maintain your business equipment and investment in the technology that keeps your business running day to day operation that helps your staff carry out their jobs efficiently and effectively.
There is nothing worse than having a couple of computers go down due to a faulty piece of hard ware, then not being able to use the internet to search for a professional systems engineer that can come fix your issue.
At Computer Doctor our maintenance contract customers come first and get the VIP treatment in this scenario we can remotely log in very quickly and see what needs to be fixed or send a technician out onsite to fix the problem in a very short response time.
What our actual goal for your business is protection through maintenance why have a problem in the first place that could have been avoided by doing some simple diagnostics, system maintenance and general proactive fault finding from the initial symptoms being reported and documented by our professional systems engineers while carrying out weekly, fortnightly or monthly maintenance which you can choose upon tailoring a contract to suit your business needs and budget constraints.
We can make an individual maintenance contract to suit your business and work alongside your staff as often and seamlessly as you like.
Majority of our current large enterprise customers email or call for a fault we then remotely log onto the computer or device in question and run majority of tests from our office to yours without interruption to your staff or business.

  • More cost effective than ad-hoc IT support
  • Ongoing maintenance included
  • Remote monitoring
  • Complete reporting solution

Hardware Maintenance Contracts


A service designed with zero downtime in mind this premium service is the back bone of computer hardware diagnostics no guess work, no taking a stab in the dark, just pure diagnostics and preventive measure hardware maintenance.

Your staff would never look inside the computer and let you know that it might need some cleaning or maybe the hard drive sounds a bit nosier than usual, or the motherboard has some capacitors that are starting to break down and leak.

This is what computer doctor is here for let your staff concentrate on running your business and making you money while we take care of the equipment that helps them do that.

Below are the types of hardware maintenance services that we perform on any time basis you like monthly, quarterly, half yearly or twelve months all with our systems engineers caring professional expertise

All documented, dated and logged in our system and yours ready to fix any issue that might present itself to help get you going very quickly with help from our professional team.

  1. Test power supply voltages
  2. Dust and corrosion removal
  3. Checking individual parts at the electronics level
  4. Cleaning the connection points of the ram, vga card, pci cards and external devices
  5. Diagnostics of the individual hardware, the hard drive and ram
  6. Checking ventilation and heat distribution
  7. Benchmarking and burning tests
  8. Each contract is individually created to suit your needs, equipment and budget

Let our senior solutions architect design a maintenance contract for your business and budget.

Why not get computer doctor to look after everything in your office.

Software and network maintenance contracts

Network Service Level Agreement (SLA)


Computer Doctor is a network service provider for the Gold Coast region. Our SLA services cover a wide range of networking products & solutions, providing you with the best uptime and reliability.

SLA services cover the following network types:

  • Ethernet LAN
  • Remote access
  • Firewall Services
  • Wireless Service

SLA Network Performance Guarantee:

  • 100% uptime - during business hours
  • Network service quality will meet business requirements
  • Redundant UPS installed to ensure SLA

Network Design & Installation


Computer Doctor is a network service provider for the Gold Coast region. Our services include connectivity and switching as well as advanced network systems and management functions. Operationally, Computer Doctor designs, implements, and maintains business data communication networks. Providing you with the best industry standards for any of your networking requirements, such as:

  • Network design from the ground level
  • Network service quality design
  • Network hardware provisioning
  • Ethernet cabling, patch panels and wall sockets
  • Wireless hardware provisioning
  • Wireless access points, repeaters and WDS grids
  • Hotspot internet services, AP hardware and installation

Network Security


With Computer Doctor you can rest assured your entire network is secure. One provider & one platform provides integrated antivirus, asset, network monitoring and remote control, as well as an expanding range of award-winning software services.

  • Intrusion detection system (IDS)
  • Network firewall
  • Network anti-virus
  • Inbound & outbound mail virus detection
  • Mail spam filtering service
  • Remote access
  • Monitoring and reporting system

Network Performance Testing


Is your business network performance slowly degrading or suddenly seen a massive spike in latency or constant drop outs? Computer Doctor employs the best industry methods for network performance testing, we carry the highest quality network testing tools and our technicians are fully qualified and highly skilled.

  • Identify damaged cabling
  • Replace cabling through cavities or roofing
  • Isolate problematic hardware on a network
  • Testing wireless networks with spectrum analyser
  • Providing networking mapping
  • Consultations on improving network performance

Email Campaigns


We can assist your business in delivering successful email marketing campaigns. Reach thousands of readers and thousands of potential customers with our helpful planning, design, implementation and reporting email campaigns system.

  • Reach thousands of prospective customers
  • Deliver specials to your current customers
  • Send out feedback forms
  • Delivery important company notices to your client base
  • Reduce paper waste
  • Increase sales!