More reasons to choose Computer Doctor

We have a "No Worries - Fixed or its free" guarantee.

If we can’t offer you a solution to your problem - we won’t charge for our service!

Please bear in mind the following:

Sometimes computers aren’t economical to repair. The solution in this case is to upgrade the computer or replace it with a new one. We will provide you with a quote for upgrade or a quote for a new computer.

Sometimes the issue is caused by external parties and is beyond our control. For example if your issue is that you can’t access the Internet and the problem is that the ADSL service to your house has not been activated yet. The solution in this case is that we will contact whoever is responsible for activating the ADSL connection to your house and request it be activated.

Sometimes the issue is intermittent and when we examine the computer the fault does not occur. The solution in this case is that we continue to test/monitor the computer until the fault occurs or the computer is returned to the customer and the customer contacts us the next time the fault occurs.

Sometimes data is uneconomical to recover. The cost of recovering data varies greatly depending on how the device has failed. The customer may decide it’s not economical to recover the data or may choose to limit the cost associated with the data recovery and only recover part of the data. The solution in this case is that we do not recover any data at all or we recover only the data the customer requests us to recover.

Sometimes the customer does not choose to proceed with a service or repair after we provide a quote or an estimate. The solution in this case is that we do not proceed with the repair or service and the customer pays the quote fee and any outstanding charges.

Sometimes the same issue reoccurs shortly after the repair or service has been performed. For example a customer may bring a computer into our workshop. We examine the computer and determine it has viruses and spyware. We quote to remove the viruses and spyware. The customer accepts the quote. We remove the viruses and spyware. The customer takes the computer home. The customer disables the antivirus software and installs the same software they installed before (that contains viruses and spyware) and the computer is reinfected. (dont laugh, this happens more often than you think) The solution in this case is to treat the second job as a new unrelated chargeable repair.


Free phone support


Unlike our competitors we offer 10 minutes free phone support. You can speak directly to our senior Technicians and they will help you over the phone or in our workshop.
This allows us to fix simple/common issues straight away. There is nothing more frustrating than organising a callout, waiting for the Tech to arrive only to find it takes 5 minutes to fix.


For Technical Service

  • Computer Doctor™ long term customers recognise our experience, commitment to service and reliability and friendly helpfulness of our technical staff.
  • Computer Doctor™ technicians have multiple Microsoft Certified Professional qualifications or are Microsoft Certified System Engineers.
  • Computer Doctor™ provides in depth training and long term expertise to our full time employed technicians, it provides Microsoft Study Guides and pays for its employees to undertake regular Microsoft Certification.
  • Computer Doctor™ can proudly boast that many loyal Gold Coast business and private customers have used our services and purchased our recommended products continuously since we began trading.  
  • Computer Doctor™ 2012 will see our 22nd year of providing continuous technology solutions to our valued customers and is proof that we have and will continue to provide quality services to our old and new customers.
  • Computer Doctor™ is the registered trademark name.  Other people (sole traders and franchised business) are trading using names similar to and include the words “computer doctor”  which may purport to be Computer Doctor™ but they have no connection with the real long term trading Gold Coast Computer Doctor™
  • We have not considered franchising, although that scenario enhances income potential, as franchising limits our control over the technical skills and knowledge of franchised techs – more importantly it limits the level of support skills provided to the end customer.

  • For Sales & Installation

  • Computer Doctor™ is a Microsoft Small Business Specialist.
  • Computer Doctor™ sells, configures, installs and maintains its Microsoft Small Business 2011 Network Servers and Microsoft Windows 7 Desktop Computers – reliable computer systems built, using recognised quality brand components including Intel, Seagate and Sony under stringent quality control testing in Sydney by an authorised Intel Technology Provider Platinum 2011 supplier.
  • Computer Doctor™ also sells and recommends the most reliable brands of notebooks, switches, routers, displays and components including Toshiba, Cisco, D-Link, Samsung, Phillips.