Free Network Audit

Stop Putting Up With A Slow Network That Limits Your Companies Work Productivity And Discover How We Can Help You To Get The Most Out Of Your IT Systems"

"Once One Of Our Technicians Has Conducted This FREE Network Audit ($247 Value) On Your IT Systems They Will Then Produce Your FREE Copy Of A Network Report ($147 Value) Which Will Reveal Exactly Why Your Network Is So Slow And What To Do About It"

Are you frustrated because your network is running slow? Is it limiting your companies work productivity? Do you fear you might lose some of your precious company data? Is your current IT Company not helping you, or not responding to your call for help? If so, we would like to immediately send a highly experienced network technician who will come to your office and tell you exactly why your network is slow and give you a FREE report which will reveal what needs to be done to eliminate this frustrating problem at no cost or obligation.

Why are we doing this?

Because we understand your frustrations and know we can help you quicker than any other network support company in Australia. We want to be able show you how quick and efficient we really are so you can discover how our IT support services will help you in the future so that this problem will never happen again.

What will one of our Network Technicians do for your business?

When our technician arrives he will first conduct an audit on your current technology and software. He does this so he can find out where the problems are which will help him to discover why your IT systems aren't working properly. Once the technician has finished he will then produce a report which will give you a screenshot of how your systems are operating.

This FREE Network Report will reveal to you:

  • IT Snapshot: We all like getting snapshots, don't we? How is our car going, our phone or even our finances? Our network technician will provide you with a snapshot of your IT Systems. He does so he can help you to understand where your systems are at and why they are not working properly.
  • Technology Report: There's nothing worse than spending 1000's of dollars on IT systems that don't work properly, is there? When our Network Technician visits your office he will give you a report on how your IT is currently operating. He will also provide information on how to get the best use and efficiency from your technology.
  • Potential Risks: Is your IT system like a time-bomb ready to go off? The Network Technician will report on what risks you have and how to avoid your systems from crashing and potentially losing your precious work data.
  • The First Steps: The network technician will also give you the immediate steps to solving the problem. By the end of the network audit you will know exactly what needs to happen and how long it take to bring your network back up to speed.

But what if we already have an IT support company ?

You may have an IT support company, but have they been supporting you? If they have they would of helped you by now. Maybe you are using a friend or a sole trader to help you when you have network problems? These guys are normally extremely overloaded with work and don't have the capacity to respond the minute you have network problems. You need to have access to a group of highly experienced technicians who can immediately help you the second your networks start to fail.

This is an absolutely fantastic opportunity for such a small investment of your time. What do you have to lose? This Network Audit is free and we will not obligate you to use any of our other services.

We guarantee that the minute you speak one of our technicians you will have peace of mind about your network problem.

Don't let the problem go any longer! The longer you leave this problem the worse it can potentially become, request your FREE Network Audit.