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Domain & Email Hosting 


Computer Doctor offers a wide range of hosting solutions to meet any business requirement. We provide an entirely Australian based hosting service which supports local jobs and provides our clients with extremely fast hosting services.

    • Domain registration and hosting
    • Website design services
    • Website hosting services
    • Email hosting services
    • Spam filtering systems
    • Anti-virus systems


Internet Hotspot Services 


Computer Doctor provides flexible, cloud-based solutions for implementing Wi-Fi hotspots and hot-zones. Perfect for any resort, hotel, motel, cafe, restaurant or public place, we tailor make each and every solution we deploy. Providing you and your business the opportunity to expand your services offered, increase revenue and offer additional services for your customers. Our solution pays for itself in the first 3 months and provides you with an ongoing revenue stream that requires little to no maintenance.


Modular, Expandable, Versatile.

Our Hotspot solution is not only an entry-level solution that enables your business to sell internet access products, but allows for future growth and change through our modular implementation technology.

  • Indoor & outdoor
  • Wall mountable
  • Roof mountable
  • Wireless repeating
  • WDS wireless grid support
  • Cost effective
  • Increase revenue

Retail - Point of sale (POS) 


We provide a range of POS solutions, allowing your business to improve on the way sales are handled, provide efficient sales processes, better manage stock levels and more! Our services include sales, installation of your POS equipment, ongoing support both onsite and remotely, phone support and supplying consumables such as paper & thermal transfer rolls.

  • Barcode scanners
  • Receipt printers
  • Touch-screen POS displays
  • Label printers
  • Consumables
  • Handheld scanners

IP Phone Systems 


IP Phone Systems are voice delivered using Internet Protocol (IP) telephone systems. It is a term used in IP Telephony for a set of facilities for managing the delivery of voice information using the IP. In a nutshell, VoIP involves converting your voice call into small, efficient packets so that they can be transmitted as part of a data stream. As a data packet it is less expensive and easier to handle than traditional voice.

We can:

  • Supply the hardware
  • Install and configuration for your business


  • Cost to run is far better than conventional systems
  • Better call management
  • Failover to fixed line services when internet outages occur

IP Security Camera Systems 


IP security camera systems are a new type of security system that runs off wireless (WIFI) networks to deliver a self managed security product. It can operate off the same wireless network you use at home and work with ease, you can monitor the system remotely, relocate cameras and more.

We can:

  • Supply the cameras
  • Supply the wireless routers
  • Install and configuration for your business and home
  • Show you how to use the setup remotely


  • Cost effective compared with conventional systems
  • Allows you to take control of the location of cameras
  • Add more cameras quite easily
  • Installed without needed a master security licence
  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera function


Managed Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam 


Security is a must and at Computer Doctor we provide our customers with the easiest, quickest and most cost effective method to managing their security. We sell security products that are managed under one roof, thus allowing our team to provide new sign ups quickly and manage renewals with ease. As well as security software, we provide gateway level inbound and outbound security services that scans and removes any malicious content, providing you with an even greater security mesh around your business.

What are the advantages of managed anti-virus and Anti-spam?

  • Setup, installation and testing done remotely
  • Renewals are easy and managed by Computer Doctor
  • External spam and virus filtering, protecting you outside of your network
  • Reliable security platform
  • Cost effective

Managed Networks 


Managed Networks provide businesses with unparalleled visibility, redundancy and reporting. Our technicians can deploy the latest technologies to your workplace. Managed over non-managed simply means that everything is pro-actively managed rather than simply reactive. If your business requires 100% uptime, performance and visibility of network activity this the solution.

  • Fail over DSL lines providing redundancy for internet connectivity
  • Visibility of network performance, usage and errors
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Proactive network maintenance
  • More efficient network design
  • Quality of service designed to push performance where needed
  • Guaranteed 100% uptime

Local & Offsite Backups 


Offsite backups provide ease of use, versatility and reliability that no other backup solution offers, because your data is stored in encrypted data centres that utilise redundancy methods, you are covered in the event of major data loss, theft, fire or water damage. These backups facilitate incremental snap shots of your business workstations and servers, allowing our IT professionals to quickly reimage your business network and get you back on track.

Advantages of off-site backups

  • Create a full image backup of the entire server with applications and data
  • Automatically create a second copy of your server backup files in the cloud
  • Restore quickly to any available server hardware whenever you need to recover or migrate
  • Secured offsite data storage protects you from any environmental threat

Local backups

  • Physical drive rotations, allowing the site to hold onto all data
  • Server side backup software drives the backups
  • Recommended for sites with highly-sensitive data

Cloud Computing 


Businesses today depend upon IT to drive innovation and accelerate past competitors. Increasingly cloud computing enables business to deliver new services, enter into new markets, get closer to customers, and make increasingly mobile and demanding employees more productive. The most successful organizations use cloud technologies as a catalyst to put in place new systems and processes that free IT organizations to maximize not just operational metrics, but business results.

  • Smarter way to manage your ICT
  • More cost effective than physical hardware
  • Scalable cloud model grows with your business
  • Increase resources easily when required and at a cost effective price
  • Redundancy level not achievable by any physical hardware environment



Virtualization makes your infrastructure vastly simpler and more efficient. Applications get deployed faster, performance and availability soar, and operations become automated resulting in IT that's easier and less costly to own and manage. Reduce IT capital costs and operating expenses by as much as 60% while simultaneously lowering power, cooling and real estate spend. Virtualization can cut your operating costs by up to 80% and optimize your organization's financial resources.

Advantages of Virtualization

  • Operating costs reduced, saving you money on power, hardware repairs and support
  • Run multiple operating systems and applications on a single computer
  • Consolidate hardware to get vastly higher productivity from fewer servers
  • Save 50% or more on overall IT costs
  • Speed and simplify IT management, maintenance, and the deployment of new applications

Video Conferencing Systems 


Video conferencing has come a long way over the years and with advancing internet services, faster speeds and greater network capacity, the industry is starting to see a larger uptake on video conferencing systems to connect their business entities, providing greater organisational communication, lowering operational costs, connecting with other departments faster and simpler.

Advantages of video conferencing technologies

  • Connect workplaces together eliminating unnecessary travel expenses
  • Faster and more involved communication between areas
  • Connecting staff from home or remotely to their workplace
  • Connecting students from home to their teachers
  • Connecting doctors with patients
  • And more!

Audio Visual & Multimedia Systems 


Computer Doctor Home Entertainment
With the current affordability of Plasma, LCD, LED TV’s, Home Theatre Systems, Multimedia centres and gaming consoles, unprecedented numbers of people across Australia are kitting out their homes with the latest audio visual and gaming technologies.
However, getting the most out of these appliances is a challenge and this is where Computer Doctor can help!
  • Home theatre set up
  • Media centre integration
  • Wallmounting Plasma/LCD/LED TVs
  • Set Top Box/DVD/Blu Ray connectivity
  • Channel tuning and Personal video recording setup
  • Universal remote training / instruction
  • Gaming Consoles and home server integration for file sharing
Computer Doctors Home Entertainment technicians are able to be on site 5 days a week.

Wireless Networks - Including long distance Microwave links 


Computer Doctor Wireless offer unmatched simplicity, ridiculous reliability, and killer coverage at a fraction of the cost of alternatives. Industrial-strength Smart Wireless LAN products for enterprise systems eliminate cost and complexity, while delivering unprecedented performance and reliability.

  • Over 3X increase in performance and range
  • 8X expanded coverage
  • Stabilised wireless network performance, for picture-perfect video streaming and crystal-clear voice communications
  • Maximised power efficiency
  • Interference mitigation
  • Consistent, reliable connectivity no other Wi-Fi system can touch
  • Two to four times the coverage using fewer APs
  • Low packet loss and high performance
  • A safer environment with less interference, through "eco-friendly" adaptive signal technology System self-healing capabilities
  • Support for standard 802.1x, WPA (PSK) and WPA-2 (AES) security, plus automatic wireless setting and encryption key security