Dear Paul,

Over the past 25 years you have provided our company with quality information Technology Services.

We sincerely appreciate your efficient and gracious customer service, your level of attention to detail together with a no nonsense approach to our support needs ensuring that we have received the solutions we needed, on time and on budget.

Your ability and knowledge has always demonstrated professionalism and provided our organization with a stress free transition on each new or updated information Technology project. Your loyal and immediate response to resolve IT issues that arise and your overall committed services to our family business also most appreciated.

Our team and our Directors could not be more satisfied with your service during these years.

Kind regards

Caroline Schulze
QHDC Australia, Arundel.  16th February 2017



Getting the basics correct is extremely important in small business. And the best equipment that you can afford is a good start. But the “best” is only the best if you have the “best” support that it requires.

When commencing our business some 23 years ago, we managed on one computer for some time before eventually realising that to grow we needed more. When shopping for servers and all the necessary equipment required, we soon realised our business equipment expertise gave us the tools to choose the right equipment, but our knowledge did not reach far enough into that mysterious “server” world. It was Computer Doctor that we turned to all those years ago, and we still call on today.

We have come a long way since those first recommendations. Some three server upgrades later and a new business in Toowoomba (12 years old now) that logs on to our servers remotely, we still rely on Computer Doctor’s support today…. means that we can concentrate on giving the “best” support to our customers, knowing that Computer Doctor has us running smoothly every minute of every hour of every day.

Janine - Comtech Business Equipment Pty Ltd

All is well now. Very much appreciate your help. An excellent service.

Rob Legg.

Just a quick note to say thank you all for your help today – to Rodney for arranging that I could get the problem with the drive rectified by coming in today and to Paul for kindly carrying the computer into the office from the car and arranging for parking etc. It was very thoughtful and much appreciated.

Bev - A Work In Progress

We appreciate your help Paul. Thank you

Elaine - Newstart homes

I am 100% happy to have Paul help us out, he is of great assistance to us. Thanks

Stephanie - Coe Drilling

Thanks for looking after us the way you do. You have always been so great for us (me). Thanks for getting Alex in here with the replacement motherboard for that computer today – great that it is all going good again for the new person next year. Hope you have a lovely Christmas – stay safe

Love Gail

Thanks Noni,

Just wanted to let you know that you provide us with such a valuable service, which is greatly appreciated. I hope that you all have a lovely Christmas & a well deserved break!

Elaine - Newstart Homes

I want to thank you and Alex for fixing our server today.  You have no idea how grateful we are.  Without a computer, we have no access to emails, tasks for the day or even able to write a letter/fax and, for a Legal Office, this is a major catastrophe. However, due to yours and Alex's professionalism, experience and knowledge, we are back up and running.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

I may have embarrassed Alex by kissing his forehead and hugging him, but I don't care.  He deserved it!

Thank you, again, and we wish you all a very merry Christmas and a safe and happy new year :)

Leanne - DA Harris and Associates

Alex has done a sterling job with moving the old stuff out of the cage – all very neat and tidy. He also did an extra thing for me – our Managing Director is here tomorrow and I asked him to check the network cable in his office. Alex fixed this up for me.

Gail - Newstart Homes

I would just like to THANKYOU for spending the time with me today, I really do appreciate it. I always enjoy catching up with You and Noni and should do it more often. You are both always so nice and pleasant to myself and my family. I also highly value your professional opinion and trust your services. The Gold Coast is not what it used to be and there are some nasty operations out there. Well done! I couldn’t be more happier for you. Stay Safe!!!

Craig - Managing Director Greendata Pty Ltd

Thank you for the rapid response today.  Ross did an excellent job of sorting out my computer and attending to the issues I was concerned with. Thank you for the excellent service.

Chris - Administration Manager - Mermaids Cafe Bar Pty Ltd

I appreciate the support!!

Duncan - Freestone Group

Thankyou for the excellent work that you did on my computer. It is working fantastically and internet explorer is coming up 10 times faster and I really appreciate it.

Bruce - The Power of You

Thank you for your care and diligence in looking after us. You have gone out of your way and I very much appreciate it. I know that there will occasion to have you in here helping us again in the not too distant future. I have always had a very high regard for the Computer Doctor and their work ethics, and have recommended to management in here that they continue to use your services as and when required.

Gail - Newstart Homes

Thanks Noni. I will see you in the New Year and would really like to have Paul do the work as this has been my most trouble free year because Paul looked after my laptop this time. Cheers


Thank you oh wonderful, fantastic one. You are number 1 in my book. Cheers

Bruce D - The Power of You

Firstly, thank you both so much for all your patience and help on Wednesday. It was very much appreciated by a guy who is hopeless when it comes to computers and is grateful for people like you. Next time I am in there I will bring you a bottle of my favourite red as a gesture of appreciation. Once again, You are a great team.

Bruce & Janine