From time to time we get asked how does McAfee’s protection compare with that offered by their major competitors, well NSS Labs have conducted some independent testing and McAfee’s technology has been shown to be the most effective.


NSS Labs, one of the most respected third party test labs in the security industry, has announced the results of their most recent test of eleven of the leading endpoint security suites.  McAfee’s Endpoint Protection (EPP) Suite consisting of VirusScan Enterprise, Host Intrusion Prevention, and Site Advisor Enterprise finished #1 in this extensive test. You would be pleased to know that the same technology (scan engines) is included in in the McAfee SaaS services supplied by YOURasp.


The results of the NSS Labs tests declared that the McAfee Endpoint Protection Suite does the best job of protecting against both exploits and evasion techniques of any of the eleven products tested.


NSS Labs is best known for their testing rigor and innovation in testing against both known and zero day attacks.  Two separate tests were conducted.


  1. How each endpoint suite did in blocking known and unknown exploits.  McAfee finished #1
  2. How each product did in identifying and blocking the most common evasions techniques currently being used to defeat standard endpoint security defences. McAfee finished #1


Both reports, are attached to this email.  


What we see in these results is that to meet the multi-vector threats we now face, multi-vector protection is required. This validates the McAfee’s Security Connected strategy and reconfirms that their solutions are better at that than any others available.