Microsoft recently changed the behaviour of those annoying Windows 10 upgrade icons and popups so that when a user clicks on X in the top right hand corner of the popup to close it, Windows 10 is automatically scheduled to be installed.

I like Windows 10 but upgrading to Windows 10 on a computer that has been used (and abused) for a while is not always successful. Today alone 3 customers reported they had serious issue after attempting to upgrade to Windows 10.

The first customer said the upgrade failed then reverted to an "earlier version" of Windows causing them to loose data they had entered recently.

The second customer said the upgrade succeeded but they lost all their email. To Microsoft's credit, Microsoft spent 4 days working on the computer remotely trying to recover data. They were partially successful but finished up reverting the computer back to Windows 8.1

The third customer said they never authorised the upgrade and critical programs were deleted during the upgrade.

Users who don't want to upgrade should not be "tricked" into upgrading when there is a reasonable chance there will be complications and/or they might lose data.

The easiest way I know of to permanently disable the Windows 10 upgrade is the GWX Console from

Details here:

Download here:

Recommend using the "standalone" version and the top two buttons on either colums of buttons.

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